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Studio Studios caters to unique projects with artists who want a truly personal and collaborative experience. With a mix of high-quality digital recording and unique outboard analog gear, we can create anything from ruckus rock to glossy pop and anything in between. Studio Studios is equipped to handle your recording needs with great care and attention to detail. Our specialty is to help make music for our clients, but we are just as capable of recording any audio a client needs. From voice-over work to full-length albums, Studio Studios can get you the sound you want at a price that can’t be beat.

Making records is our specialty. Whether you want a hi-fi modern sound that can compete with anything you hear on the radio, or a vintage-style rough and ready analog sound, Studio Studios can help make your songs shine. If you have songs and you have a vision, but you don’t know how to make them come to life the way you hear them in your head, Studio Studios will help you realize your creative vision. Creating soundscapes and sonically pleasing results is our forte.


If you already have all your audio recorded, but need it to be mixed professionally, Studio Studios can provide you with the best possible mixes in a timely fashion. In-the-box mixing allows for quick recall options and all the cool analog gear gives our mixes that organic sound if desired. No matter how far gone you think your recordings might be, Studio Studios can get them whipped into shape with a mix that you will love.


Whether you need commercial music for your TV or radio add, a website backing track or an entire album’s worth of professional session instrumentation, Studio Studios can deliver the goods. Owner/Producer Alexander Dausch is a professional multi-instrumentalist who can create an entire band out of thin air for your recordings. And if you need songs to be written from scratch, we can do that too.

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