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“Our band was looking for a place to record our debut EP, and a very respected musician who was familiar with our sound referred us to Alex Dausch and Studio Studios. We met with Alex over a couple beers and realized that this was a match made in musical heaven. We had very similar tastes in music and Alex was just such a great guy!


We had recorded pre-production tracks of the five songs we were recording and used a computer program for the drums. Since we wanted a live drummer on our recording, Alex offered his services. Yes, he played the drums on our recording! We jammed with him for two hours on a Wednesday, and we started recording drums the next time we got together.

Two sessions later, the drums were finished and we were on our way to a dynamic recording. By the time we got to the recording and mixing processes, we were so comfortable with Alex and the Studio Studios recording process, that the pressures of recording vanished, and we were able to get the best out of our talents. Once we had recorded and mixed our EP, Alex referred us to another studio for mastering.

In the end, we were totally blown away by the final product, and we released our EP to glowing reviews. None of that would have been possible without Alex and his studio. Professional, friendly and affordable, you can’t go wrong with Studio Studios.”

-Brian (H.A. Perkins)



“Alex at Studio Studios is the ideal producer. He is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and oh so very very talented. He will listen to your vision for your project and help you achieve that vision throughout the course of the project. By the end of my first session with Alex, I felt like I was collaborating with a friend rather than sweating it out at the mercy of a producer’s ever-ticking clock. Since the release of my first album, I have referred several friends to Alex, and each of them have developed their own collaborative friendships with him. They all rave about his creativity, his love of music, the heart he puts into his work, and his incredible talent as both a producer and a musician. His skills on multiple instruments alleviate the worry of having to hire a lot of unknown studio musicians to create they dynamic sound you might be looking for.


I have developed such a valued friendship with Alex that it is hard for me not to gush, but if I had to speak on a strictly professional level, I will say the greatest thing about working with Alex is that he understands his role in the production process is to achieve YOUR goals and YOUR sound. If something he tries doesn’t jive with your ears, he is back to the drawing board to create new options that will work for you, the client. If you don’t call Alex today, I will find you and break your guitar over your head, dummy.”

Lindsay White



“My recording experience with Alex at Studio Studios has been one of the most positive musical experiences of my life. So many musicians and people in the music industry seem to be driven by ego and by money. Not Alex. Working with him is a true pleasure. Alex has the wonderful ability of working with the utmost professionalism while also making you feel as though you are working with a great friend you have known all your life. He truly believes in making good and beautiful music and you can tell that he loves what he does. As a music therapist myself, I like to joke with Alex that he is my music therapist because the process of working with him is so life-giving and enjoyable.


I’ve enjoyed the collaborative nature of my relationship with Alex. Because he is such a gifted musician, he has worked together with me on many songs and he has a great ear for what little thing to add to make the piece perfect. He has added much to my music. I honestly can’t say enough about my love of Studio Studios and Mr. Alex Zander.”

Vanessa Contopulos



“Alex at Studio Studios is the best. An incredibly rare talent while being very easy to work with. He can make songs come to life through his production, through his musicianship, or both. He’s very experienced and well versed in just about any style, so know that he can handle it. He has excellent choice in equipment too. He knows what sounds people are looking for and can achieve them easily. You’ll have a fantastic time recording at Studio Studios, I’m sure of it.”

-Brett Dennison


Firefly Studios

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